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CapGrow Capital Advisors LLP conducted a webinar on MARKET OUTLOOK


Webinar on “Wealth Creation through Equity Investing”

Live on Zee Business (Hindi)

We were live on the prominent business news channel - Zee Business (Hindi) on 8th March 2021.
The interaction started with the discussion on the core investment philosophy followed at CapGrow Capital. Mr. Arun talked about both the investment approaches of the firm - 'Growth' & 'Special Situations'. He presented his views on the current market situation, how & why does a seasoned investor like him behave rationally, and what should an investor do at the time of excesses in the market. The interview also threw a good amount of light on the differentiated approach followed at the firm - the "Special Situations" investment approach.

To watch the entire interview, please follow the below link:

Webinar on "Special Situation" investment approach

PMS AIF World, recently invited our CIO Arun Malhotra for a Webinar on 5th March, 2021

Mr. Arun Malhotra, the Fund Manager & CIO, presented his views on investing via the special situations investment approach. He talked about the approach - what it exactly is, how & why it generates big alpha, why he believes this is a sustainable and time tested approach. CapGrow Capital Advisors LLP very strongly believes that it has a differentiated strategy v/s other fund houses in making investments via this approach. The webinar was attended by ~125 dignitaries from eminent institutions. The Q&A session went quite interactively. The entire session (~1 hr) was embraced with open hands.

CapGrow Capital Advisors LLP thanks PMS AIF World and all the attendees to make the webinar a great success.

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