Why Us?

  1. Why Us?

CapGrow Capital was setup with a sole objective of providing value added services to its clients which align with the clients’ long-term goals of wealth creation. The LLP also wishes to leverage its research capabilities to provide Portfolio Management Services to generate long term returns. The company has a combined investment experience of over 50 years. Our approach can be best described as making concentrated investments in well managed, high quality businesses that are purchased at significant discounts to their intrinsic values.

CapGrow Capital Mission Statement -

Our business is people and their financial well-being. We add value with active portfolio management to help our clients reach their long-term financial goals. Therefore, in the pursuit of our goals, we will conduct ourselves in accordance with the following precept: Our clients always come first.

Our Values -

  • Clients First

    We take care of our clients and their financial needs. Only when we help them achieve their goals, we achieve our own.

  • Skin and Soul in the game

    We will invest our own money in the portfolio to align our interests with the clients.

  • Integrity, doing the right thing

    We expect everyone at CapGrow to work to the best of their ability in the interest of our clients. We strive never to sacrifice long-term good in favour of short-term gain. We recognize that conflict of interest can arise - we manage them by being transparent, open and making clear where we believe a course of action is unwise or unethical.

  • Conservatism

    We take a long-term approach and avoid market volatility clog our judgement. Discipline in decision making translates to a strong and stable returns for our clients.

  • Respect & Teamwork

    We treat our colleagues and business partners with respect and consideration at all times. We will constantly support one another and build an environment that values teamwork. We will inspire each other to perform to their maximum potential.

Confronted with a challenge to distill the secret of sound investment into three words, we venture the motto, Margin of Safety.

- Ben Graham